Archeological Excavations 1
Sara Salamon

public space installation, slow happening
lens, window and outdoor light

    Archaeological Excavations is an art-research, site-specific project in the format of a mobile public installation, slow happening. The installations appear in the districts of Rijeka and Zagreb in order to examine, in a formal and substantive sense, the frames of the absurd, the ludicrous, the unknown, the known, the fictional and the wild in public spaces.
    It is an event that transforms a part of the public space between residential buildings into an "archaeological excavation" - a building with reflectors and building materials with a hidden excavation area, which travels slowly down the street every day (1m / day). The goal was to create a public space that performs - that behaves on its own.

    The project is inspired by a Guardian newspaper article “Millennia of Human Activity: Heatwave Reveals Lost Archaeological Sites in the UK” in which ironically English tourism and science (history) thrive under climate change and thermal warming.

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