Archeological Excavations 1
Sara Salamon

public space installation, slow happening
lens, window and outdoor light

collaborator for text and drammaturgy: Marko-Luka Zubčić

    Archaeological Excavations is an art-research, site-specific project in the format of a mobile public installation, slow happening. The installations appear in the districts of Rijeka and Zagreb in order to examine, in a formal and substantive sense, the frames of the absurd, the ludicrous, the unknown, the known, the fictional and the wild in public spaces.
    It is an event that transforms a part of the public space between residential buildings into an "archaeological excavation" - a building with reflectors and building materials with a hidden excavation area, which travels slowly down the street every day (1m / day). The goal was to create a public space that performs - that behaves on its own.

    The project is inspired by a Guardian newspaper article “Millennia of Human Activity: Heatwave Reveals Lost Archaeological Sites in the UK” in which ironically English tourism and science (history) thrive under climate change and thermal warming.

This project is funded by Ministry of Culture and Media, Republic of Croatia.

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