Sara Salamon, born in Rijeka in 1991., mastered Media Arts and Practices at the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka. She is working as visual artist, director of photography, film editor and technician. In her work she is trying to betray the media. She is making various experiments with Hrvoje Spudić, and is a member of collectives Experiment Platform, Muzak and B.A.K.A. productions with which she combines performing arts, visual arts and filmmaking. At leisure time, self-taught, enthusiastic and researcher of new technologies and methodologies.
    From 2013. to 2018. she presented her artistic work and collaborative projects on group exhibitions in Rijeka, Sisak, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Graz and Berlin (e.g. “RISK CHANGE: Escape” in Museum of Modern and Conteporary Art in Rijeka, “INTERFACE 2014. – new media festival” in Rijeka, “Making off: Public Space” at BIX Media Facade in Kunsthaus Graz, “Kroatien Kreativ 2013.” in Medienhaus Universitat der Kunste in Berlin, “Sound Art Incubator”, solo exhibition “Relocation” in Gallery VN in Zagreb...).
    From 2013. to 2018. she worked as media technician in galeries and museum (e.g. Tomislav Gotovac - crisis anticipator at Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts in Rijeka), as DoP and editor of short films, documentaries and experimental videos (“Sweet Sunshine”, “Man who saves the cat”...), and did video scenography and light for theatre plays (“Bad Education”, “Eva”, “Desert grows.”).
    In 2017. she won the Innsbruck Film Campus Award for European Young Talents for her cinematography work in short film “Sweet Sunshine”.
    Since 2018. does VJ-ing with Hrvoje Spudić wit 16mm projectors and spectrum.