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Between mobility control and social transformation, reader  

Published research book and reader which disseminates all the events that took place throughout 4 years of the project 2016-2020 by Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts in Rijeka. The work translations 1 (Part One: Escape) was exhibited in Rijeka in 2018.


Screening of experimental short Dither 01 w/Hrvoje Spudić

Screening of Dither 01 as part of Kino Katarina program at HARTERA REVISITED, organized by Kino Katarina, Rijeka 2020 and Club Crkva. 
The party at Hartera is part of the Rijeka ECoC's Furioza Cycle, which showcases music by female musicians who push boundaries, challenge genres, and construct new and exciting musical worlds. With this cycle, the European Capital of Culture shines the spotlight on the brave women in music who deliver songs with a message and change the world.

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10/06 - 16/06/2019
Survival Kit for the Age of Technology - Co-created Video Book - Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts

Participation in Future DiverCities LAB at BEK. BEK invited a number of artists, creatives and experts to co-create a Survival Kit for Age of Technology – in the form of a video book. 

Artists Samuel Brzeski (GB/NO), Stine Gonsholt (NO/DE), David Guez (FR), Åse Løvgren (NO), Linda Kronman (FI), Sara Salamon (HR) and Andreas Zingerle (AT)

Commissioned chapters to the video book
Michael Ang, Rocio Berenguer and Tarik Hindic

Other contributors
Anne Marthe Dyvi: Artist and artistic developer at BEK. Curator and responsible for the project.
Paul Johannesen: Expert videographer and filmmaker
Vilde Salhus Røed: Artist and communication manager at BEK
Yana Gorbalenya: Production assistant for this LAB.

The LAB is developed by Anne Marthe Dyvi for BEK and FDC.

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04 - 06/2019
Sliding into the Unknown — Croatian exhibition at the Quadriennal of Performance Design and Space

artist Ivan Marušić Klif / curators Marko Golub, Maša Milovac / texts Maša Milovac, Marko Golub, Igor Ružić, Janka Vukmir / client Croatian Designers Association, Republic of Croatia — Ministry of Culture / design and media team Andro Giunio, Sara Salamon, Sven Sorić, Hrvoje Spudić / 2019

The Croatian Pavilion for PQ2019 won the Award for Excellence in Performance Design!

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Sven Sorić

Interview for Future DiverCities - TRANSMISSIONS Lab

Under the prism of Jiska Huizing and Sara Salamon: TRANSMISSIONS Lab

“We invited Jiska Huizing and Sara Salamon to share their insights after their participation in TRANSMISSIONS, last Lab curated by Kontejner in Zagreb and Rijeka in January 2019. ”

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Future DiverCities

Optical sound workshop w/Hrvoje Spudić

Hrvoje Spudić & Sara Salamon were selected to hold the workshop for Croatian Designers Association’s project Oblikovanje svakodnevice (Designing Everyday Life) for primary and high school students on topic of optical sound. Participants developed six instruments and sound art installations.
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30th Music Biennale Zagreb trailer design

Commissioned festival trailer for 30th Music Biennale Zagreb 2019.Video and MBZ's visual identity was created by reinterpreting a physical sound record into a diagram of a sound wave amplitude per unit of time - variable density optical sound. Optical sound is a method of recording sound on a transparent filmstrip. Basically, sound vibrations are translated into light oscillations – that is into black or transparent areas on the film.

Trailer by Sara Salamon
Music & festival jingle by Tin Dožić
Visual Identity by Sven Sorić and Hrvoje Spudić

Sven Sorić
Hrvoje Spudić
Tin Dožić

05/04 - 06/04/2019
How Do Women Live - workshop on engaged video art

I held the workshop as part of festival How Do Women Live in Rijeka, organized by Prostor Plus Organization. Participants produced 9 video works and installation presented in Filodrammatica, Rijeka on 12/04/2019. 

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Prostor Plus