Urban Galapagos

group of authors: Sara Salamon, Sanja Gergorić, Eva Simčić, Marko-Luka Zubčić, Maja Ogrizović i Marija Maksimović

light interventions in public space, audio walk and pirate radio

light installations

Urban Galapagos is an art-research project that explores the concepts used in media sound, light, texts, and network platforms in a formal and substantive way to illustrate the conceptual and aesthetic frameworks of the unknown, known, fictional and organic in the public and digital spaces.

The exploration of the Urban Galapagos began by studying Darwin's The Voyage of the Beagle (1839), which will become an inauguration in the famous work, Origin of Species (1859). In an altered, digital and techno-context, the work reveals a view to the beginning of science research into natural phenomena and which, except for the genre level, is hybrid because the perspective of a discipline merges with the focus and direction of the other, so reading the picture of the coral reef in Darwin's letter contains a description of the biological structure exposed in a language that belongs to the history of art and literature. Urban Galapagos, looking for sources of hybridism, asks whether the perspective of Beagle's traveler to the Galapagos wild world can be presented in the already mapped space of the city? Is it possible to re-colonize the conceptual frameworks of urban space and rewrite them into other languages and other media? In what way can a travelogue be realized in a Known and what kind of dynamics creates the transformation of the wildlife that already exists?

Following Drwin's footsteps, a Galapagos adventure became an art-research project that in several levels paraphrases Beagle's journey to Rijeka. The project was initiated by Sara Salamon, Sanja Gergorić and Eva Simčić, 2016 in Rijeka. The research resulted in: Light interventions that were carried out with a van in the city of Rijeka (Sara Salamon, Sanja Gergorić), audiowalk "The News from the Disaster Center" (Eva Simčić, Sara Salamon, Sanja Gergorić), mixtape ala zoo - Come On Kill the Monster Zubcic), folklore postapocaliptic poetry (Eva Simcic), pirate radio - sound sculpture in a radius of 150 for two days and a survival kit for survival of urban life (group of authors).


  • 14/10/2017 + 04/11/2017 + 05/11/2017 - public locations in Rijeka, Croatia

1. light interventions
light installation
reflectors, van, 2x power aggregate 3 kW

The light installation are interventions is in the existing public and commercial constellations, which strive for the passers-by to awaken a new dimension of everyday life. Designed as a series of redesigning actions, installations have opened the way to the virtual level of the word 'here and now' by changing the context. Two-day interventions settled in the outback locations in the city in an unexpected arrangement by traveling a van.

2. The News from the Disaster Centre
audio walk (on Croatian)
mp3 players or soundcloud stream

Audiowalk "The News from the Disaster Center" is designed as a walk through the Old Town during which participants will follow their default instructions to enter a live radio program with air conditioners. Wild air conditioners in the City Center in 8 parts convey themes from Darwin's Testimonies, Creatures That Can Survive Nuclear Disaster, all about Chat.log of two chatbots in love - Vladimir and Estragon ...

The starting point of the walk is the passage near the Submarine Burger Shop, and ending point is in front of Bureka kod Braće (Kosi toranj).